Water access adds unexpected benefits

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Mama YuYu at her home with her children

A nearby water kiosk holds more than the usual health, household, and education-related benefits for Mama YuYu and her family of seven.

Mama YuYu lives in Gemena, and has trained for and earned the rank of water kiosk officer in her community. Her title means she is paid to collect water-user fees.

As people come to the kiosk to draw water, Mama YuYu ensures proper payments and contributions are collected. The money is used to cover management, maintenance, and repairs, all of which help to ensure the kiosk will continue to operate successfully for the long term.

With her earnings, Mama YuYu says life has significantly improved for her and her family. She can now provide adequate food and nourishment for her growing children. And she is able to send all her children to school.

“I suffered for a long time, traveling long distances from village to village, looking for something to sell to feed my children, and what I earned was not enough to fulfill the need. Now as I am a water kiosk officer of one of the kiosks settled in my district, my life changes,” said Mama YuYu.

And of course, access to safe water has helped her children avoid water-related illnesses. She said her children no longer have bouts of stomach pains, and added, “I thank World Vision and its partners for giving water in our district. This contributed to the reduction of the number of the waterborne diseases and infant mortality.”

This impact story appears in the Covenant Kids Congo January 2017 Report. Read the full report here.

Click to read the report.

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