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Join us Saturday and Sunday for a theological dialogue with Dr. Andrew Root.

Saturday, evening

Relationships Unfiltered

It seems that at its most basic youth ministry is about relationships.  But relationships are anything but basic.  So then what are relationships in youth ministry and what are they for?  This presentation will explore relational youth ministry in order to uncover some of the blind spots in our contemporary understanding of relationships with young people. Relational ministry will be re-imagined NOT as seeking to influence kids toward some end but rather, seeing it as place-sharing.


Sunday, morning

What is the Theological Turn in Youth Ministry?

Too often youth ministry has been seen as kind of technique used to solve the problem of young people’s apathy in the church.  In critiquing this perspective this presentation will offer a theological vision of youth ministry that seeks to connect young people’s experience with the action of God in the world.


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