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Kyle Thomsen serves as Junior High Director and College Pastor at University Covenant Church in Davis, CA. He is a valued member of our speaker team who truly inspires with stories, educates with content, and makes you feel positive.

According to Kyle:

I just turned 30! I don’t feel old, but I’m told “I’m over the the first hill.”  Whatever that means.

I’ve lived the majority of my life with a call to youth ministry and engaged in a preaching ministry (I preached my first sermon in junior high and preached weekly in high school — crazy… I know.  Who thought it was a good idea to let a 13-year old preach?  Obviously, my youth pastor was crazy. But I digress).

After preaching for this many years, I’ve learned that I’m insecure and crave people’s affirmation more than God’s affirmation. In this season of life, I’m striving to please God in my preaching more than I please people.  My temptation is that I’ve become such a “polished, engaging, dynamic” communicator that I don’t need Jesus.  That is scary and wrong!

In this season of my ministry and time on the speaker team, I’m trying to spend more time with Jesus — listening to Jesus, following the Holy Spirit, and trust our Heavenly Father.  I want to listen to God and share what I hear.  In this season of ministry, I’m re-learning who my audience really is.


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