Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut Webinar

Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut Webinar

Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut Webinar

with Walt Mueller and Marv Penner


Cost: $40

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time: 1:00PM – 2:30PM EDT


Seminar Description:

Self-injury is no longer a rare psychological oddity touching a few fringe kids in somebody else’s community. It is an all too common expression of the intense emotions some kids are managing these days… and sadly, most of us don’t understand it, much less have a clue about what to do when we come across it. Join CPYU President, Walt Mueller as he hosts Marv Penner, an expert on crisis intervention and self-injury. Marv will take a frank, honest look at a problem that is increasingly evident in the lives of some of the teenagers we work with. Unfortunately, this will not be a “feel-good” session with a neat and tidy solution. The topic is graphic, the images are messy, the stories are heart-wrenching and the details are unsettling but we can no longer pretend it’s not an issue. We’ll hear the stories of real kids who use cutting, carving, burning and other self-injurious behaviors to cope with what’s going on inside. We’ll learn to understand what drives their unusual behaviors and we’ll explore some of the practical do’s and don’ts for people like us to keep in mind when kids choose to share their struggle with us. This webinar will be helpful for youth workers, teachers, counselors, parents and teenagers who have a friend who’s struggling with self injury.






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