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Discover the Art of Bible Storying…Echo_3products-300x193

For thousands of years, stories were the key means for people to learn and experience God. Echo desires to recapture this sacred art of biblical storytelling, inspiring new generations to find themselves in God’s Story.

Echo uses a process called Storying (short for Chronological Bible Storying) – a sequential telling of Bible stories followed by a time of review and dialogue. Derived from the ancient Hebrew way of learning through careful observation and discussion, Storying was rediscovered a few decades ago by missionaries who are now using this method extensively around the world. Recently, Storying is also proving to be effective with youth and adults in our media-literate, story-oriented North American context.

About Echo the Story

Echo the Story is a 12-week Bible overview for youth – it is almost complete and will be released on June 7th!

Founded by Michael Novelli, Echo the Story is an imaginative way to engage in the Bible using storytelling, observation, and dialogue.

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