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During the week of Midwinter, World Mission invites you to unfamiliar places, cultures and friends! Join the following workshops that will provide challenging sessions that aim to encourage and embrace our calling to share God’s Kingdom at home and around the world.

005 | Preaching a “Glocal” Vision
To be the church in the age of globalization requires us to re-frame our understanding and practice of mission. More specifically, it requires us to understand the relationship between global and local mission. The question for this workshop is, “How does this new understanding of a “glocal” vision inform our preaching?”
Al Tizon, associate professor of holistic ministry – Palmer Theological Seminary

110 | Peace & Justice in the Holy Land: Christians Seeking Reconciliation at the Heart of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has raged for more than half a century. Historical narratives of deep pain and suffering continue to play out in the region today. This workshop will focus on the history of Christian engagement in the Holy Land and the role of Christ followers in pursuit of reconciliation and justice. Learn about organizations and individuals working to make a positive difference in the Holy Land while seeking to discern how God might be calling all of us to be advocates of peace and justice in the midst of conflict.

Mae Cannon, senior director of advocacy & outreach
Gary Burge, professor of New Testament – Wheaton College

111 | Serving Globally at Home
The shrinking of our planet and the emergence of relational highways provides local churches with unprecedented potential for global impact; beginning with Pastor Chamron Phal’s inspiring story of survival in the killing fields of Cambodia, and his subsequent ministry sharing the Gospel and planting churches in his homeland, including among his former Khmer Rouge communist soldiers. In this workshop we will demonstrate how a church (of any size) can connect with and support Kingdom ministry in another part of the world.
Linnea Carnes, retired Covenant pastor
Allan Serrano, senior pastor – Evangelical Missionary Covenant Church
Chamron Phal, associate pastor – First Covenant Church


If you are interested in becoming a Covenant missionary, you can find out more here.

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