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We are now blessed with the gift of hope. The gift of God’s great love for us continues to dwell within my heart. Even though Christmas has come and gone, it is important for us to continue to tell others of Jesus in ways that authenticate God’s deep love for us. Let us continue to tell the story of his life, death and resurrection.

Here is a great book to have an after-Christmas conversation with your students:

The Jesus Creed for Students: Loving God, Loving Others, Written by Scot McKnight

This book aims to demonstrate a simple truth – that followers of Jesus, follow Jesus. The essence of Jesus’ moral vision: His followers are to love God and to love others with everything they’ve got. Love is not one of the virtues but the essence and summary of all virtue. Scot McKnight calls this double commandment to love The Jesus Creed. In this book Scot works out the Jesus Creed for high school and college students, seeking to show how it makes sense, giving shape to the moral lives of young adults.

To order, click here!

Happy Reading! 🙂

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