Slam Trips

Slam Trips is a program of Mending Wings – A Native American, non-profit youth organization on the Yakama Reservation in Washington State. S.L.A.M. stands for “Students Learning About Missions”, and it is a faith-based program that exists to stir up change in ways of thinking among youth groups and college groups with regard to current mission trip practices. We provide cultural immersion for groups in the evenings while they assist elders with house/yard work during the day. It is a beautiful time to build relationship between our cultures and bring about healing from historical trauma caused by both government, and church policies.  Through these week long trips, students are invited to enter the reservation as listeners and learners in the Yakama Community.

Each of our cultural immersion activities invites you into a time of participating in the values and culture that is the heartbeat of the Yakama Nation. Our service projects are set up to engage participants in putting their hands to tasks that are meeting immediate needs among our people. At the end of the day, these projects offer true encouragement to our elders. More importantly, they provide a catalyst to build relationships with many people in our community who have much to share with you and are excited to know you too.

Join us in an opportunity to immerse your students in a cross-cultural setting without ever having to leave the country! We want to partner with you as we teach students to develop an attitude of mutuality with another culture. It is our hope that your students will walk away from our reservation having gone beyond their comfort zone, to continue to develop a servant’s heart as well as an appreciation for a new culture and new relationships, and having developed a deeper understanding for the history of the church and Native America, and the need for the church to change its current model of missions to our people.

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