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We Love Our Youth Workers! This is why it is our goal to educate, encourage and energize your Ministry. Everyone has a calling from God to share the Gospel in every season of life.

Read how the wisdom of God guides Lance Beaudry to create beautiful sermon illustrations.

For the past 5 years I have been involved in youth ministry for the Evangelical Covenant Church. I have spent my summers at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp and worked with the youth at First Evangelical Covenant Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m 22 years old. The only work I have ever done has been in ministry. I graduated earlier this year with the intentions to be a high school teacher, but I did not continue my education to receive certification. Instead I have decided to continue working part time at FECC until I get married next summer. This has been a sacrifice for me. Money is tight and my self-esteem has been vulnerable to being just as low as my income. But I am passionate about the work I do and even more so the youth whom God has blessed me with. For a while I was putting my value as an individual in the job and income and therefore security I felt I needed to obtain as a college graduate. Recently I have come to terms with a rather harsh but enduring truth. I can’t find my security in my occupation, but in serving God. Even if that means I get paid for 16 hours a week. I’ve learned during this “land between” that we need to do what we love and if we need money, then find a way to get paid for it. I love God because He has loved me beyond explanation. And for that I am willing to make sacrifices and I am thankful. That is why I have recently begun to work with my friend Erik in creating sermon illustrations to sell on Sermon Spice. It is allowing me to do something I love and it provides a way for me to supplement the needed income. This Thanksgiving I am reminding myself of what it means to be thankful for God. Not just to say thanks for all the blessings He has given me, but to participate in His work, for which I am so thankful.

To check out Lance’s creative videos, click here and enjoy!


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