Rooting for the Bad Guy

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Thanks to someone’s post on the ECC Youth Workers Facebook page, I discovered a pretty great resource for youth workers: Youth Leader Stash. Ever heard of it? They’ve got great game ideas; blog posts tackling relevant issues, movements, and strategies to consider; series of “topical talks” that you can purchase for cheap; and I’m sure a bunch more I haven’t found yet.

Most recently, in their “Tuesday Trends” post, YLS wrote about popular TV shows that get you rooting for the bad guy… Stories of destitute, broken, and desperate people are striking a chord with Millennials and Digital Natives. Some of the most popular shows today are building momentum on plot lines where likable, smart, and innocent people are finding themselves making conscientious decisions to overcome hardship with organized crime, murder, drugs, and social anarchy.

Check it out for an interesting read, and let me know what you think!

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