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Justice. Spirituality. Music. Art.

Sounds pretty good, right?

You may recall this post from October about the Wild Goose Festival. Last year was the first annual festival, located in Shakori Hills, North Carolina. This summer, the festival took place again in N.C. June 21–24. This year there will also be a second location on the West Coast. From August 31–September 2, the festival will be taking place in Benton County, Oregon. Like the original location, people from all over the country will gather in community to worship, listen, learn, and create.

In the Celtic tradition, the Wild Goose is a metaphor for the unpredictable spirit of love, for some the Spirit embodied by Jesus careening through the land of the living.  The wild goose gathers us along the edges of joy, justice,and art.  Its rustling calls us to embody the love of God, neighbor and self, through annual gatherings and a way of caring for and being in the world.

The festival is an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and participate in social justice work, creative expression, and worship. All are welcome at the Wild Goose regardless of age, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual identity, economic background. Here everyone is valued, respected, and affirmed.

So what exactly happens at the festival? For starters, the site turns into a giant campground for the festival. Most people choose to camp on-site to get the full community experience. In addition to the unique experience of camping out with a thousand new friends, you can expect an incredible lineup of world-renowned speakers, musicians, and artists. Speakers and musicians include Shane Claiborne, Anthony Smith, Jim Wallis, Phyllis Tickle, Alexia Salvatierra, Dr. Vincent Harding, Lauren Winner, Gungor, David Crowder, Derek Webb, Jennifer Knapp, Over the Rhine, and many more.

With both children and youth programs offered, the festival is a welcoming and safe place for families, and an exciting place for youth to engage in real issues of social justice and spirituality.

Learn more about the festival here and get your tickets today! Let us know if you go — we would love to hear about your experience!

And a very happy 4th of July to all of you!

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