Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All about You

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Hello Cov youth workers! Since this blog has began, the lovely miss Aune Carlson has diligently been writing for and managing this blog. Well, Aune has handed over the reins, and I am now blessed with the job of writing for this blog. So, who am I, you ask?

My name is Carol Wild. I am originally from Massachusetts, but have been living in the Midwest for almost six years now. I am married to Ric, who is the new youth pastor at Deer Grove Covenant Church in Palatine, Illinois. We both recently graduated from North Park Theological Seminary—me with my MACM (Christian Ministry) and Ric with his MDiv. I currently work at North Park University as an editorial assistant at the coolest office on campus: University Marketing & Communications. (We really are cool.)

Some fun facts:

Favorite ice cream: Currently Ben & Jerry’s Blueberry & Vanilla Graham greek frozen yogurt

Favorite book read in the past few months: The Brothers K, by David James Duncan

Place I’d rather be, most of the time: I can’t choose between the East and West Coasts… It’s a tie between Pilgrim Pines/Camp Squanto (Swanzey, NH) and the Pacific Northwest (specifically the Oregon coast or Seattle)

Where I am as I write this: On a plane to Seattle (woohoo!)

Year I went to CHIC as a student: CHIC2K! Stein Auf!

Furthest place I’ve traveled to: Zambia, Africa

Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope you will continue reading this wonderful blog! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have the opportunity to write for y’all. Seeing as youth ministry is extremely relevant to my life, I hope to bring you posts that are relevant to you and your ministry, and that you will enjoy reading. I am definitely open to ideas and I would love to hear from you. Please let me know if there’s something you would like to read about and I would be happy to do a little research and write about it!

Happy reading. 🙂



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Hey Carol – from one fellow Ben & Jerry’s Blueberry & Vanilla Graham Greek Yogurt lover to another – welcome to the job. Hope things are well!

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