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At CHIC this summer we are exploring the hot topic of education.

Please take some time to click through these various articles and leave a note. No agenda is being pushed from our office, we just want to begin a conversation in preparation for our time together in Tennessee.

  • Christianity Today – The New School Choice Agenda
  • PBS – On Stage Chicago Students Tackle Immigration, Poverty, Race
  • PBS – ‘Dropout Nation’ Turnaround: How Shelbyville Fixed its Dropout Problem
  • NPR – Teaching The L.A. Riots At Two City Schools
  • FOXnews – FY2012 Education Budget
  • CNN – Student News
  • Tax Policy Center – Racial Disparities in Education Finance: Going Beyond Equal Revenues
  • Education Week – Achievement Gap
  • Huffington Post – Phyllis Lockett, Charter School CEO, Slams ‘Unfortunate’ Chicago Public Schools
  • Huffington Post – Chicago’s Longer School Day: Much-Needed Reform Or Political Cynicism?
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For those of you who want to watch the CCN students report clip, know that it begins at 4:25 into the news clip. This is such a sad reality that more of us need to become more informed about.

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