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Friends at Hillcrest Covenant Church in Prairie Village, KS has developed their own flavor of caring for neighbor. Not only is the church committed to caring for those who enter their doors, but also for ministry partners throughout the world. It isn’t as hard to do as you might think! Ask Nate Severson what it took.

The new Hillcrest Robust Blend is a unique, freshly-roasted blend of coffee with purpose. This new blend of coffee was developed with the knowledge that each coffee bean is picked by hand in regions where Hillcrest currently serves in its ministry: Guatemala, Brazil and Indonesia.

By drinking and purchasing the Hillcrest Robust Blend, you are benefitting communities globally as well as locally. Kansas City’s own, The Roasterie believes in partnering with farmers directly. By removing the middle man, farmers receive a fair wage for their coffee allowing them to send their children to school, afford basic medical care and have access to clean water.

Just as there is a big difference in store-bought tomatoes vs. home grown vine-ripened ones or white bread with a twist tie vs. a fresh loaf straight out of the oven, there is a huge difference in quality of coffee. Unlike most coffee on grocery store shelves, Hillcrest Robust Blend is freshly roasted only days before its delivery. That means you’re getting an amazing cup of coffee every time you brew a pot at home or share a cup with friends at church!

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