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This article was passed on to me and it got me thinking about what work is to be done in the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Are there groups in your area who are rethinking ministry to young adults? Whenever I learn what others are doing I am challenged to consider what could be for the ECC.

As a result, a group of Covenant folk will gather in Mid-November to discuss this very question. Please leave a comment to share your thoughts and dreams regarding young adult ministry within the ECC.

The Young Adult Leadership Task Force (YALT) of the Christian Reformed Church in North America has launched a three-pronged ministry that aims, among other things, to equip young leaders to stem the flood in recent years of young adults leaving CRC congregations, says a member of the YALT executive team.

YALT is a ministry of the Leadership Exchange, itself a ministry of the CRC, that works to develop leaders who are able to address the needs of a changing church. YALT recently sent out materials describing its ministry to church leaders.


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