Theological Turn in Youth Ministry

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The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry, by Andrew Root and Kenda Creasy Dean (InterVarsity, August 2011)

“What haunts your youth group? So often we avoid talking about doubts and fears because we feel inadequately equipped to address them in any meaningful way. The crisis of existence can’t be answered with pat Sunday school formulas or a few Bible verses, let alone another relay race.

The questions our youth have are often the same ones that perplexed the great theologians, driving them to search for God in the places God didn’t appear to be–places of brokenness, suffering and confusion. What if we let these questions drive our search for God too?

Andrew Root and Kenda Creasy Dean invite you to envision youth ministries full of practical theologians, addressing the deep questions of life with a wonderfully adolescent mix of idealism, cynicism and prophetic intolerance for hypocrisy. Follow them into reflection on your own practice of theology, and learn how to share that theology through rich, compassionate conversation and purposeful experience.”

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