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The National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) project is pleased to announce the release of Growing Up in America:  The Power of Race in the Lives of Teens (Stanford University Press, 2010) By Brad Christerson, Korie L. Edwards, and Richard Flory which is based on NSYR data.

How people experience racial inequality in adulthood is well documented, but less attention is given to the racial inequalities that children and adolescents face. Growing Up in America provides a rich, first-hand account of the different social worlds that teens of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds experience. In their own words, these American teens describe, conflicts with parents, pressures from other teens, school experiences, and religious beliefs that drive their various understandings of the world.

As the book reveals, teens’ unequal experiences have a significant impact on their adult lives and their potential for social mobility. Directly confronting the constellation of advantages and disadvantages white, black, Hispanic, and Asian teens face today, this work provides a framework for understanding the relationship between socialization in adolescence and social inequality in adulthood. By uncovering the role that racial and ethnic differences play early on, we can better understand the sources of inequality in American life.

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