HIGHLIGHTS of 2013 January through October “Birthdays to Birthdays”

Helen and Ndoi

January: The Pasi Twins, Tim and Helen, celebrate their 20th birthdays with their American godparents in Gbado-Lite.

3 Ekstands' Farewell

May: Food, Fellowship, and Farewell-Pete and Cindy are given a special meal and blessing before heading to the States for their Home Assignment year.

4 Fred & Students

May: From Czech Republic to Congo – Many benefit from Fred Prudek’s Bible teaching.

5 Missions Seminar

June: After 13 years, the Congo Covenant Church once again holds training and commissioning of missionary candidates.

6 Seminar 12

June: Christine Buettgen and Tim Mambo help women understand Savings’ Programs.

7 Hannah Teaches

July: Hanna Teaches/Helen Translates. Giving wives of Theology students an overview of the Scripture – WOW!

8 Cabin Before

Before: 3 room Cabin in need of repair.

9 Renovated

After: Renovated & Repaired

10 Foundation

The Beginning – a foundation to Walls going up.

11 Director's Home

Roof framing in progress


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