March Madness

No, we’re not talkin’ Basketball in Congo – but a month FULL of exciting events and visitors ‘galore’.
It all started on March 10th when veteran Covenant Missionary Bob Thornbloom ‘popped in’ with Pastor Scott Christensen (Baudette, MN) en route to projects in Loko and Karawa.  We felt honored that they spent time with us.
On the 11th our Congo Covenant Church ordained 28 pastors in 5 locations – a beautiful, joyous service here at Bokonzo Church as the men and their wives celebrated this reward after years of preparation to reach this milestone day of honor and praise to God.
March 17th we bid farewell to Joel Birchman from River Ridge Covenant in Olympia, WA  (See “Water Tower Woes and Whoopees”) and welcomed Pastor Gary Gaddini and 8 others from Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA.  PCC has gone above and beyond in bonding with the Congo Covenant Church by sending teams year after year to minister through teaching, preaching, and just “loving on” everyone from orphans to church leaders and missionaries.
Starting March 20th the Covenant Church of North America was well-represented for a week by Rev. Donn and Sally Engebretson who attended both the installation of former CEUM President Mossai Sanguma as the Regional Director of World Vision’s new initiative in our area and the installation of newly-elected CEUM President Jules Mboka and Vice-President Jean Vungbo.  Between the Church President’s home and 2 missionary houses there were more than 30    visitors gracing 3 tables 3 times a day for a week – a challenging blessing for our whole team!

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