Simple yet Impactful

If you are like us, we get bombarded by communication. We don’t deal with robocalls. What we deal with is people forwarding on to us through the WhatsApp chats that we are a part of any number of fake news, videos, memes, gifs, posters, etc. It becomes overwhelming, doesn’t it?

So, we have started something different. (Maybe you have, as well). Just a few words, nothing more. It really isn’t more than that.

As we have written recently, our theme this year in our Spiritual Mentoring is, “The Condition of My Life, The State of My Heart.” Part of the outflow of these encounters with the pastors and leaders is to encourage accountability to acknowledge where our lives and hearts are at. Gary has begun to communicate with a handful of the pastors on a daily basis the state of their hearts as the day begins. They are all beginning at the same point—the heart is a window to the depths of their life, their soul, and their relationship with the Lord God. It is a growth process, to be sure, yet it has been revealing to be able to “check-in” with one another.

Many Colombians are used to the “WhatsApp” application on their phones to send text or voice messages. In fact, almost all Colombians who have a communication plan with one of the cellphone providers, whether they have minutes to use to call someone or not, automatically receive enough data or connection to some network so that they can use WhatsApp or Facebook. So, using a means that is pretty much used by everyone has proven to be a key element in “checking in” and “being accountable” to one another.

We are still firm believers that face to face contact is definitely essential and irreplaceable, which is why we make such an effort to be present, in face to face gatherings, throughout the entire Covenant of Colombia. However, a daily commitment deeper communication, deeper recognition of what is going on in our lives, and deeper accountability is showing itself to be fruitful.

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