What’s done is done

So, what’s done is done. We’re two days from ending our Home Assignment, having visited all of our ministry partners and having been more than blessed along the way. We are invigorated and energized to move along with what the Lord God is doing in Colombia and our opportunity to participate in that. We were able to end our Home Assignment spending time with some cherished friends and colleagues of where we, Mary Lou and Gary, became a “we”.
We graduated from North Park University in 1978. As we were putting together our schedule and timing for this Home Assignment, we realized that we had a chance to be present at our 40th class reunion. We have visited the North Park campus on other occasions but had not had the chance to connect up with so many others who were a part of our life when, and where, we met, fell in love, and decided to become one together in marriage. Perhaps for others of you, your college reunions are very special occasions. Ours definitely was. The chances to see classmates, for us, do not come by very often. Even with all of the traveling that we have done around the U.S. on our various Home Assignments, the opportunities were few to meet and spend time with many of our college peers. But we have now changed all of that. And we look forward to greater connections further on—either here or in Colombia!

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