May in Colombia

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  • We started the month in Monteria, with our good friends and colleagues – the pastors and pastoral couples of the South Coast – and encouraged each other to “live out” the good news of Jesus Christ, being careful how we live. We were able to spend a night in the home of one Covenant pastor whom we first met 23 years ago as a high school student, and is now a husband and a father of three boys.
  • We were able to help this group address, in a “speaking the truth in love” atmosphere, a festering relationship breach that had been present amongst the pastors and pastoral couples for many years. God worked amongst us in such a powerful fashion that two weeks later a follow-up meeting was planned, and carried out, in which the steps were agreed upon that everyone will follow in order to maintain the peace and keep the momentum going.
  • The Antioquia Regional pastors meeting (on May 3) and the Prayer and Fasting gathering (on May 17) got into the theme of “our love relationship with ourselves” and taking up our “cross” each day and following Jesus. For one of the first times we can remember, everyone in attendance at these meetings spoke up and participated in the discussions.
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  • We hosted Al Tizon, Serve Globally Executive Minister for the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), and Eugenio and Pía Restrepo, Latin America Advocates for the ECC Serve Globally, in Medellin. An insightful two-hour conversation was held with local Covenant leaders as well as a visit to three social ministry sites and two churches. Most impacting for us was the intimate connection made with these Serve Globally brothers and sister and our Colombia Mission team as we shared together our unified mission as Covenant Serve Globally missionaries.
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  • We got to share times of friendship-fellowship-food with close friends and new friends on two occasions – Monday and Saturday. It was great to relax and chat and play games together.
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  • The Hands With Hope Foundation that Mary Lou has been walking alongside of for 12 years fulfilled a dream by receiving the keys to their own ministry location, where learning, creativity, production and blessing will take place.
  • IMG_0103Celebrated Mother’s Day with the women’s group, Mujeres al Futuro, in the Manantiales barrio.
  • IMG_0200The fourth Hands With Hope and Pa’ Vida (For Life) small business entrepreneur class was held with nine ladies, from 16 years of age to 52 years of age, in attendance. Besides the training taking place, this group of ladies is bonding together for mutual encouragement and accountability.
  • In between these moments above, we have been coordinating the mission team schedules of two teams that will be with us, one in May and one in July; helping to coordinate a 3 day marriage intervention encounter for a special couple whose marriage is at risk; communicating with a supporting Church and preparing ourselves for a Skype call with a small group there to chat and get to know each other; and traveling to Bogota for an Asociación Pacto Colombia social project board meeting.


Throughout all of these days we have been thoroughly blessed by our quiet times and devotional times with the Lord.



Mary Lou and Gary

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