The End of the Paved Road

The town of Santo Domingo, Antioquia, is at the end of the paved road.  Literally.  And it isn’t a straight road to get there, either.  Ten years ago Covenant Pastor Javier Gomez teamed with some other pastors in a vision to plant a church in each pueblo of Antioquia where there was not an existing evangelical Christian church.  While not all of the pueblos in Antioquia have an evangelical church yet, the Door to Heaven Covenant Christian Community is still going along under the leadership of Pastor Juan.  The faithfulness of Pastor Juan is impressive and his efforts to introduce a healthy evangelical ministry in Santo Domingo and relate to the people of the town are steadily seeing fruit.  In his time, God will allow the harvest to be realized.  Meanwhile, we are encouraging Pastor Juan and the work there to keep being faithful.  Being the only evangelical Christian presence in a town is a daunting task.

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