From Bibles to Bras to Chocolates

Any woman who is involved in a mission knows that fundraising is an integral part of the life and success of that ministry.  For the many years now I have been living this truth, this challenge, and this motivating aspect of working with others to advance God’s Kingdom.  Working as a Covenant Missionary in Colombia, with the Women Ministries of Colombia, with the pastor’s wives and our group called, ´The Refuge, and being on several boards, one being the ‘Valuable Women in the Hands of Jesus’, all give me plenty of chances to raise funds for women, children, and their families in need.

Colombia is known worldwide for its lovely artesian work, fashionable clothing, and lingerie. “Valuable Women in the Hands of Jesus’ is a ministry that reaches out to women who are working on the streets and in bars offering them alternative ways to earn a living: learning to sew, going to beautician school or making chocolates.  This period of apprenticeship usually lasts around nine months to one year, as it focuses not only on learning a vocational trade but, on learning internal values, Kingdom values which helps the women to change their perspective on life.  Recently this ministry produced 200 sets of intimate wear, ‘el trio’ – bra, panty and tanga in 6 different colors to be sold to our friends here in Colombia and around the world.  Sales have gone well, thanks to friends, visitors, and family.  Beautiful Bibles are being promoted by one of our pastor’s wives as she helps to support her growing family.  And, what would the world be without chocolate!  My good friend, Claudia and her husband, run a chocolate factory, Emmanuel, (God with Us), with several of the women employees being those who have chosen to leave their lifestyle behind of working in the bars or on the streets and pursuing dignified work.  So, can you guess what the Women Ministries will have available at the upcoming September Prayer Summit – Bras, Bibles and Chocolates to name a few!

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