Oh Canada!

We love hosting and partnering with groups from the USA….but we also LOVE partnering with groups from other places around the world!

Not a lot of people know that Merge is open to and has hosted groups from all over the world, and not just groups that have a Covenant background either….Merge has hosted groups before that were from a Catholic church, non-denominational, Baptist, Lutheran, etc. It is so awesome to see God’s Kingdom work done here on earth through different denominations and peoples and cultures.

This past week we were able to host and partner with a group from Canada!



The group was made up of different Canadian Covenant churches that all met together in Ecuador and spent the week in San Antonio de La Paccha partnering with the Covenant church there as well as partnering with the Santiago Partnership!

We had a lovely week of women’s ministry, children’s ministry, youth ministry, as well as a parenting conference.



Thanks, Canada team for your partnership and for extending grace, love, and a willingness to be taught and changed!



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