70 years of Covenant

This past February we were invited to the 70th annual meeting for the Covenant Church here in Ecuador.

We were invited to share about who Merge is and what we do.

It was so wonderful for me, as it was my first time attending an annual meeting in Ecuador.

In some ways it felt like a mini-reunion, meeting up with all the pastors and laypeople who we have worked with through Merge over the years.

Richard’s parents were also there so it was fun to, at least, eat breakfast with them and talk a little bit between sessions.

Honestly, until I became a Covenant missionary, I really did not know a lot about the Covenant, but through trainings, meetings, workshops, and personal study and reflection…I am so, so proud to be a Covenanter.

I really love who the Covenant is and what they stand for, and that love transfers over here in Ecuador…as a member of a Covenant church here in Ecuador, I find myself equally as proud and connected to the Covenant family as I did back in the USA.

And as I sat watching the different brothers and sisters that I’ve gotten to know here in Ecuador, mingle and laugh and talk, all I could think about was how lovely it is that the Covenant represents so many peoples, backgrounds, cultures, families, worship styles, and that through its diversity, we represent a bigger picture of who God is through this Covenant family, and even more so through this walk of faith in Christ!

It was a very beautiful time!





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