grey space

Lo seinto muchísimo!

We are so very sorry!

Really, we are so very sorry we slipped on keeping you all up-to-date via our blog on our whereabouts, life, happenings, inside scoop, etc.

Communication and being present and engaged is very important to us (especially coming from a communication major), as we want to stay present and in communication with those who are partnering and walking alongside us in this journey together. So forgive us for the many months of crickets.

Honestly, it has been really hard to have a routine, to stay focused, to be present when we are in a constant state of movement, of travel, of living out of our backpacks, of Spanish, English, Spanish, Kichwa, Spanish? English? what language am I even speaking?, of dealing with new jobs (which are great!), new partnership groups, meeting new friends/cohorts almost every week…..and believe me, like you know in your own life, the list goes on.

And we’re not saying it is a bad list, but coming from a person that thrives in routine, that thrives on schedules and predictability…..this has been a hard season, this transitioning from one country to another, from one ministry to another, from home to home? There have been many nights I wake up and for a few moments, I don’t know where I am…if I am in my own bed in Minnesota or in some sweet, host family’s house, high up in the mountains or am I in my sister-in-law’s house on the coast of Ecuador…..

We are looking at a house right now in Ecuador that we may possibly be living in come January/early Spring. And the thought of having our own place, even though we will continue to travel, serve, meet new people, stay in host homes, live out of our backpacks….makes my heart sigh in relief.

But until then, until we have our 80%, until both our feet are finally on the same continent and not straddling the expanse between (although our hearts always will)….we will continue to learn to live in the unpredictable, the constant changing rhythms of routine, the in-between, the grey space, the learning to be present in the moments where we are not even sure where present is or how it looks, and the grace to hold it all together.

grace. that is truly what we are learning. giving ourselves more grace, others more grace, breathing it in as it soaks into every weary bone and burdened shoulder, and breathing it out as we extend our hand and heart to another brother or sister, another fellow human being that we are called to walk with on this journey of life.


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