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What is The Four Peaks Challenge? 

The four mountains/peaks represent the four tallest mountains in Ecuador, which are: Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Antisana.

Our hope and goal with The Four Peaks Challenge is really to make very clear our budget need, how we can get there, and the best ways to do that.

We’ve had a lot of people confused about how much support we need to raise and if we do indeed need to raise it all ourselves…, we decided to put forth The Four Peaks Challenge; a simple, clear, easy, yet VERY important way of partnering alongside us financially.

How it works?

We will start with the smallest “peak” (10 supporters giving 100 dollars a month for two years) and work our way to the tallest “peak” (90 supporters giving 10 dollars a month for two years).

We wanted to give our supporters different ways they can support us financially, thus the different mountains with different amounts.

Of course we do NOT want to limit people and what they feel called to give, but since so many people have asked us for the best ways they can partner with us financially and how to go about doing that, well, here it is!

Some people have asked if they can just give a one time donation, of course you can!

If you do wish to give a one time gift in one of the mountain categories, we have the totals below.

Remember: it is MONTHLY for a TWO-YEAR commitment. OR you can give a one-time gift equal to that amount:


One person giving $100/month for two years: $2,400

One person giving $50/month for two years: $1,200

One person giving $25/month for two years: $600

One person giving $10/month for two years: $240


Each week we will be sending out an update on our current mountain and how far away we are from the peak (or, how many more supporters we still need to reach our goal for that category). Once we reach the peak, we start on the next mountain! And by the time we’ve reached them all, we will have raised the amount of money needed to pack our bags and leave the United States and head to Ecuador to start ministry and life over there! So exciting!

We will also start sending out our monthly newsletter, which will also have information and updates about The Four Peaks Challenge.

So here we go!

Our total thus far that we need to fundraise is: $117, 600.

Starting next Monday we will begin with mount Antisana (10 supporters giving 100 dollars a month for two years). We are hoping within three weeks time we will be able to “scale” the mountain and reach the peak/goal of having 10 supporters giving 100 dollars a month for two years and then we will start the next mountain! 

So please join us as we begin The Four Peaks Challenge! starting this coming Monday!

See ya at the top!



the santanas


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