New Resources Designed to Encourage the Unemployed

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CHICAGO, IL (November 10, 2009) – A new biblically based resource designed for those who have become unemployed has been unveiled by Biblica, a faith-based organization operating in 46 countries worldwide that seeks to minister to individuals experiencing challenging life situations.

The new material comes at a time when the unemployment rate in the United States has climbed to 10.2 percent, the highest rate since April 1983. Since the start of the recession in December 2007, the number of unemployed persons has risen by 8.2 million and the unemployment rate has grown by 5.3 percentage points, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“When the economy collapsed and unemployment skyrocketed, we felt compelled to do something,” says Scott Bolinder, president of Biblica’s Global Publishing arm and a life-long member of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

“Whatever your economic situation may be . . . there is hope.”

“Our Outreach team recognized that the unemployed could not purchase such a resource,” Bolinder says. “As a result, we decided to develop this scripture-based resource as an electronic product so we could make it available quickly and so people looking for jobs online could access it free of charge.”

Biblica’s unemployment resources website notes the stresses associated with company closures and downsizing and the resulting elimination of jobs – including increased personal debt, pressure from credit card companies, the drawdown or elimination of personal savings, and the stress on other members of the family.

“Whatever your economic situation may be and how well you . . . are (or are not) dealing with it, there is hope,” the website introduction states. “The following readings address aspects of unemployment and underemployment that are often overlooked – spirituality. Through the Bible’s timeless wisdom – and the experiences and teachings of real people in the Bible who also faced joys and heartaches – you have an opportunity to think about key issues and receive practical encouragement.”

Each reading includes an interaction with a biblical passage, questions for personal reflection, specific career and financial points to ponder, and practical tips to address individual situations. “We recommend engaging one reading a day, giving each set of issues time to really sink in. Keeping a journal as you go will help you clarify your thoughts, reactions, and the action steps you commit to along the way.”

“Biblica has always used Scripture to minister to people in different life-situations, including disaster victims, the military, prison inmates, women in crisis pregnancy and many more,” observes Bolinder. Within minutes of posting the new unemployment resource material online, “we had numerous people who reported that it met their need during a desperate time.”

Biblica was formed in 2007 through a merger of the International Bible Society and Send the Light. The 200-year-old ministry’s stated purpose is to focus on personal transformation through God’s word and biblically based resources.

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