Sanguma Email Hacked Again

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CHICAGO, IL (September 28, 2009) – Hackers have again accessed a closed email account of Mossai Sanguma, president of the Covenant Church in Congo.

A fraudulent message was sent from Sanguma’s Yahoo! account inviting recipients to participate in a free phone call on Jaxtr. Last month, hackers used the account to send forged emails pleading for money to help Sanguma because he supposedly was stranded in England after being robbed. The president was in Congo at the time.

The email account that was violated was, says Byron Amundsen, director of administration and finance for the Evangelical Covenant Church Department of World Mission.

Yahoo! was supposed to have blocked this account, but it apparently was not done, Amundsen says. “If you receive anything else from the e-mail address, please disregard it, delete it, and definitely do not accept and invitations to follow a URL,” he adds.

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