Asian American Churches Find Covenant a Good Fit

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CHICAGO, IL (August 28, 2009) – In the September issue of The Covenant Companion, Greg Yee, associate superintendent of the Pacific Southwest conference, looks at why so many young Asian American church leaders have found a home in the Covenant.

CoverHe raises the questions: “Why? What is the draw? And more pointedly, how does this speak to where we are as a denomination?” Also included are profiles of five Asian American pastors in the denomination.

In a different article, Karl Clifton-Soderstrom, assistant professor of philosophy at North Park University, examines how we as Christians understand our moral identity in a culture where image often trumps character, and the term “virtue” is dismissed as an old-fashioned concept. The article begins a new monthly series, “Holy Virtues, Deadly Vices.”

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