Church Learns Buying ‘As Is’ Doesn’t Mean ‘High Risk’

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SALINA, KS (July 30, 2009) – Purchasing anything “as is” generally means “pray that it doesn’t fall apart five minutes later,” but when La Miel Covenant Church purchased their new building from a local Assembly of God congregation, those two words meant something completely different.

“As is” meant with all the supplies, pots and pans, furniture, equipment, children’s toys – nearly everything. The previous church had merged with another Assembly of God congregation. La Miel recently held its first services in the building.

Pastor Dario Vasquez started the church nearly five years ago after finishing seminary in California. He had met a pastor from First Covenant Church in Salina who encouraged him to move to Kansas.

Through a translator, Vasquez told the Salina Journal, “I was motivated by the sincerity of the church. It inspired me to come to Salina. My wife and I went into prayer about the potential here. I observed a tremendous need in values and morals and the plan to unify families so they can become more associated with the Lord. I met the people here and felt I could be an inspiration to the community to help the church grow.”

La Miel (“Something Sweet”) initially met at First Covenant Church, which is planting the Hispanic congregation, and later leased space in a section of town with a greater density of Hispanic residents. La Miel lost its lease, however, and met again at First Covenant for several months before the new site became available.

“It’s a great location for them,” says Doug McHenry, pastor of First Covenant Church, which has planted La Miel with the help of the conference and denomination.

Attendance dropped when the congregation moved from the previous neighborhood back to First Covenant. McHenry says the new site will give La Miel, which has an attendance between 50 and 60 each Sunday, a better chance at growth. “It was important to get them to that part of town.”

McHenry adds, “We’re excited as a church because we’ve had the opportunity to partner with them.” Over the years, members of First Covenant have helped with translation, childcare, equipment, and are contributing much of the money for the new building.

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