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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (July 28, 2009) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Bernice P. Brandel Remembered for Her Faith, Generosity

Stacey Greeley of Superior, WI, writes: I never knew Bernice, but am one of the numerous, numerous people who has benefited from her person. as a seminary student I studied and learned in the library she and Paul helped fund. As a pastor, I’ve been graced by the books she helped provide us at the annual Midwinter Pastors Conference. I am sure she was welcomed home with a “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant.” Peace to her memory.

Susan Knight of Cromwell, CT, writes: I would like her family to know how much I have appreciated her generosity in the books I received at Mid-Winter and her giving to North Park. Someone helped me with seminary tuition, and it may have been her. Blessings to you all as you celebrate her life.

Closing a Church Requires Special Ministry Skills

Jo Wolfe of Lake Stevens, WI, writes: What a great denomination we are a part of! Having recently gone through the church closing process, I know how hard this whole thing can be. We were blessed with amazing conference leadership in Mark Novak and Don Robinson and a great shepherd in Dennis Pool. But, to have folks trained in all the steps would have been a bonus.

CHIC Impact Extends Beyond Student Participants

Anita Eyer of Concord, CA, writes: This is a wonderful example of the gospel of Christ spilling over (from the lives of kids whose cups have been filled at CHIC) to bus drivers! Who would have dreamed that some drivers from the Richfield Bus Company would be requesting even now to drive for CHIC 2012? May we have eyes like Alnes to recognize ministry opportunities in our midst and be available to others as he has been to CHIC bus drivers.

CHIC Students Donate $109,327 to Support Thailand Mission

Josh Crabtree of West Lafayette, IN, writes: That moment was amazing. I thought the first number was really impressive, but then they changed it and I was in shock. Then they changed it again and I was so happy!

Students Challenged to Be ‘Extremists for Love and Grace’

Judy Nelson of Soldnotna, AK, writes: Whether Claiborne will ever realize it or not, he is also a conformist. I laud him for what he is doing, but not for his attitude towards those of us who put on a suit and go to the office (a suit in church these days is real non-conformity), or the Christians at war who brought Jesus to the front lines (and the civilians caught there) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Germany, France, and countless other battlefronts. It is pretty conformist to not recognize the good that has been brought to the people . . . through dismantling the Taliban (women and girls being able to go to school, for one). He, like so many, does not realize how the rights he has, even to speak as he does, came to be. It also seems he has ripped out half of the Old Testament, or he would realize that God told his people to go to war many times. So, when the leader of Iraq was killing off the people next door or from the other religious Muslim sects, we should ignore it? What the world also tends to forget is that we went into Bosnia because ‘Christians’ were killing the Muslims. I do not think CHIC is the place for a political agenda. I would guess there were teens there who have a close Christian relative – even a parent serving in Iraq or Afghanistan – to protect Claiborne’s freedoms. How insensitive of him to make the statement he did! Yes, we are set apart to be holy and to live differently, to stand by what the Bible says about Jesus – being saved is an even greater non-conformity in this day and age when everyone is concocting their own way to God. Claiborne needs to affirm the message of the gospel that (in Jesus’ own words), “You must be born again.” Yes, he alluded to it, but gave the greater emphasis to what being born again looks like. From Claiborne’s talk, it would be very easy for youth to walk out of CHIC 2009 thinking if they just take care of the poor, they will be assured of their mansion in heaven. According to the Bible, that won’t get them there. And living in a Christian Commune or eating out with the poor won’t get them there either, unless they have been “born again.”

Unique Zambian Bicycle Ministry Just Keeps Growing

Carl Ramgren of Spring Valley, CA, writes: Fantastic! I have heard Vaugn speak here at Mount Miguel, when he first had the dream. He has returned several times to share what is happening. What a fantastic story of what God can do through a willing person.

Brian Furnace of Manvel, TX, writes: You are in an excellent position to train buyers how to ride for God’s glory. Perhaps it would be in follow-up visits to family members.
It’s encouraging to see a pioneer work of this magnitude.

Conference Targets Las Vegas for Church Planting Activity

Carilyn Wright of Jamestown, NY, writes: Our son and daughter both live in Las Vegas with their spouses. I am really excited that the Covenant is finally planning to locate a church there. I have said that to our last two superintendants for the Great Lakes Conference – it is a wide-open area. We are praying for your success!

Kids Ministry Engages Scripture in Practical Ways

Ronna Husby of Tokyo, Japan, writes: What a wonderful idea to not just entertain the kids, but to have them serve in practical ways. I hope this will become an Annual Meeting tradition.

Novak: We Need ‘Culture of Conversation’ About Jesus

Ron and Ingrid Newlin
of Saukville, WI, write: We want to express our thankfulness for webcasting the ordination service (during the 2009 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon). We were very disappointed that we would not be able to attend our son-in-law’s (Benj Ecker) ordination. This was the next best thing to being there. We not only saw Benj, but also his dad, Ted, standing in his aisle . . . so we knew where the family was sitting! Thank you, thank you for providing this opportunity.

Verna Aslakson of Gresham, OR, writes: I enjoyed the story. The pictures were wonderful also.

Toni Schwabe of Wyoming, MN, writes: I was watching too, Liz and Brenda! It was a wonderful thing to be able to be part of the service even in Minnesota. Thank you Covenant for making it available.

Draft Resolution on Criminal Justice Presented

Beth Ernest of Caledonia, MI, writes: The statement, “Public discipleship is how we follow Christ in our world,” is a thought-provoking and honest way of saying that what we do to follow Christ’s mandates is a witness to others (public) and deepens us spiritually (discipleship). This puts a whole different spin on what many Christians still see as merely “getting involved in politics.” Thanks, Donn (Engebretson), for setting the context of our discussion of this resolution so well.

T.W. Anderson Award to Robert and Oreta Bentz

Don and Liz Keepers of Mankato, MN, write: Such a wonderful story and such a well-deserved award. Reta is a great person and first cousin of mine. We wish them well and offer our congratulations and God’s blessings.

Change—We Can Learn a Lot from Jonah’s Story

Toni Schwabe of Wyoming, MN, writes: I am not at the annual meeting this year, but really appreciated experiencing the whole service on the website. Great message Lisa! It is comfy under that leafy gourd, but comfy is probably not where God is calling us. Thank you for the reminder – and another view of Jonah.

Karen Benson Honored for Missionary Service

Roger Thorpe of Chicago, IL, writes: I worked with Karen Benson during several years and agree that she is an exceptional person, a hard worker, a committed missionary, a very good friend.

Judith McCullough Receives Irving C. Lambert Award

Geraldine and Raymond Wallace of North Easton, MA, write: Well deserved.

Special Annual Meeting News Page Available

Flor Retamal of Chicago, IL, writes: Thanks for letting me be part of the live ordination service. It was a blessing to be able to share the moment when my friend and sister in Christ, Yacid Cardenas, was ordained. God bless you all.

Robert Broline of Mercer Island, WA, writes: Compliments to all that provided the excellent coverage. The video and audio presentation were done in a professional manner and very well received on my computer. The Covenant Church website is easy to use and provides much information and inspiration. Thank you.

Merge: Flu Concerns Should Not Affect Mission Trips

Mary Ann Gieryna of Galesburg, IL, writes: I would like to have read some comments from one or two of the churches that canceled so as to get a more balanced perspective on this. I’m sure they prayed about it. This story has a scolding tone that I am not comfortable with.

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Teachers Needed in Missionary Schools Abroad

Mary Jo Schwarz of Belleville, IL, writes: I will be on Social Security and am really bored not teaching. I hear the voice of the Lord, especially at a school where I am allowed to talk about him!

Emmanuel Awuah of Kumasi, Ghana, writes: Living for the Great Commission is what I think is worth living for in these last days. You are doing a great job and the Lord will fulfill it. I am highly interested and ever prepared to give my best to this task.

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