Special Flu Notice Sent to Churches Involved in CHIC

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CHICAGO, IL (July 23, 2009) – A special notice will be distributed to individuals listed as contacts for Covenant churches that participated in this year’s CHIC 2009 event, advising that eight individuals from two youth groups reported symptoms of the H1N1 flu strain following their return a week ago.

The update from the Department of Christian Formation, to be distributed through the offices of the University of Tennessee where the event took place, reads as follows:

“We have been informed that some students who attended CHIC were diagnosed with H1N1 flu after they returned home. Though we do not know how they contracted the flu, we do want you to be aware so that you can identify symptoms, should they occur, and obtain appropriate treatment. If you become aware of CHIC participants who are diagnosed with this flu strain, please email Christian Formation immediately.”

A preliminary report listed 11 students from three groups, but was found to have included a duplication.

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