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PASADENA, CA (July 10, 2009) – “If Boxer Shorts Could Speak” was the title of an unusual reading that helped Pasadena Covenant Church members focus on the cross-cultural missions that the congregation supports.

The reading highlighted the cultural connections between the many people who are serving Christ in other countries and the clothes, food, and other items that are produced in those same countries. To further bring the point home, a clothesline filled with items made in different nations was one of several visual reminders to pray for people in those countries.

Diverse Group of Covenanters Attend Hispanic Conference

WASHINGTON, DC – A diverse group of 54 Covenanters made more than 70 congressional visits to promote immigration reform during the recent National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference, which was sponsored by Esperanza USA.

The Covenanters were assisted with finances through the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Department of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice (CMJ) as well as the Great Lakes, Northwest, Pacific Northwest, and Pacific Southwest conferences. Half of the Covenant attendees were non-Hispanic.

“The diverse representation of the Covenant family emphasizes our passion to authentically reflect the kingdom of God, which was visible as we came together in solidarity with our Hispanic and Latino sisters and brothers,” says CMJ Executive Minister Debbie Blue.

“It was a particularly powerful scene to see as African-American Covenanters excitingly shook our nation’s first African-American president’s hand as we were all together advocating on behalf of Hispanic issues,” recalls Greg Yee, associate superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference. “We are most certainly ‘in it together,’ ” he added, quoting a key theme of Covenant President Gary Walter (who was unable to attend).

Barack Obama, who was the keynote speaker at the prayer breakfast, told the gathering, “I could count on the basic promise that no matter what you look like, or where you come from, America will let you go as far as your dreams and your hard work will carry you.”

He added,  “We also know that keeping this promise means upholding America’s tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. Those things aren’t contradictory – they’re complementary.”

Biblical Equality Conference Planned in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO – Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE), with which the Evangelical Covenant Church has long had a close relationship, will sponsor a conference in St. Louis July 24-26.

The conference will focus on the theme, “Are Men from Mars and Women from Venus? A Biblical Response to Gender Difference.”

Biblical scholars, Christian anthropologists, and church leaders will deliver four general sessions, conduct 20 workshops, and participate in a panel discussion on gender and culture during the weekend. Additionally, CBE will hold a student paper competition for the first time in its history. Three students have been selected to present original research on faith, gender, and culture at the conference.

For more information, including cost, click here.

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