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CHICAGO, IL (July 6, 2009) – Many memorable sights and sounds await those who will participate in the upcoming Sankofa journey August 6-9. Here are just a few of the scenes from an earlier Sankofa journey and a visit to the famed 16th Street Baptist Church, where four young girls died in a racially motivated bombing of the church on September 15, 1963. Click here to read more.

The neon sign hanging above the corner entrance to the three-story 16th Street Baptist Church was a familiar image in 1963 as news organizations covering the Civil Rights movement reported the tragic bombing of the church in which four little girls lost their lives. Moving counterclockwise, one views the sanctuary area from behind the pulpit; an image of police confronting marchers, one of many images that no doubt provided inspiration for the sculpture featured with the accompanying news story; a stained glass sign embedded above the entry way to the church;an unusual stained glass artwork at the rear of the sanctuary; a historic photo showing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with other Civil Rights leaders during a news conference; and one of the original signs that is part of a more extensive collection in the church’s archive that visitors can view. Sign
Pulpit Framed sign
Riot King
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