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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (July 1, 2009) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline. Some items are dated as the email service was temporarily interrupted and submissions were not delivered in a timely manner. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Advice to Churches: Adapt to Multicultural Reality

Jim Spoontis of Denton, TX, writes: Dr. Willie Peterson and I attended the first Coming Together Conference last fall. It’s great to see the continuance of events and dialogue in the Twin Cities region!

Services Pending for Rachel (Carlson) Wood

Cheryl Bengtson of Muskegon, MI, writes: Rachel Wood was a beautiful, humble servant of the Lord. I met her at a retreat in the 1970’s. The Lord used her to encourage me, a young mom overwhelmed with three preschool children. Each time our paths have crossed through the years, I have been touched by her warmth.

Covenant Pastor Visits Ministries Serving Kurdish People

David Zare of San Jose, CA, writes: The Kurdish people are very open to the message of Jesus Christ. We could spread God’s message in good deeds and sharing their lives – not in missionary talks. The poor people need to protect the lives of their kids and that is done with sharing bread and wine, not in words. We need hold the hands of those people whose hearts needs love.

Church Reaches Out to Families of Special Needs Children

Ed Lawson of Orangevale, CA, writes: Our church, Redeemer Covenant, has had a special class for about 28 years for adults with an average attendance of 15. It is true that they minister to us! We have a group of volunteers that teach one Sunday a month. We also include the class during the coffee social time to mix with the congregation. We have also started a “Secret Pal” program where the church members get a chance to share with a student vicariously. It’s been a lot of fun and the students really enjoy receiving little gifts now and then.

Lori Huntington of New Boston, MI, writes: God bless – what a dream come true.

105 New Thai Believers Baptized in Single Service

Maureen Makwelero of Lilongwe, Malawi, writes: It is quite encouraging to see the joy in Christ and new faith of these marginalized and discriminated people in the society that their only hope is Christ Jesus. Glory to God.

Sunday School Teacher ‘Retires’ After 50 Years

Karen Lichlyter-Klein of Colorado Springs, CO, writes: Elaine is a delight and is not afraid to think deeper and deeper about the scriptures. I celebrate with her the years of service she has given to the church.

Carol (Johnson) Witty of Sammamish, WA, writes: As one of the “kids” who grew up in the Paxton Covenant church, it was a delight to see the article about Elaine Gustafson. She was a faithful steward of God throughout my childhood. I will always remember her influence in that community.

Furniture Bank Another Way to Minister to Those in Need

Melanie Smith of Soldotna, AK, writes: Thank you for sharing this story! It’s amazing how God opens doors and uses people like the Lemkes to provide for the needs of others. I had the privilege to volunteer at the Northwest Furniture Bank recently, along with eight students from Alaska Christian College and another staff member. It was fun putting furniture together and a great chance to serve. Thank you, Bill and Joelene, for your amazing ministry and for your generous donation of furniture to ACC!

Readers Share Their Thoughts

Terri VanDerVeer of Chicago, Il, writes: Thank you for the piece on my friend and former colleague, Norbert Johnson. He hired me 24 years ago and was a sacred model of servant leadership and pastoral care. I cherish the memories of those years as a part of his “team” at North Park Covenant Church and pray that Elaine and the family will be comforted in the hope of resurrection uniting again!

Church Foregoes Sunday Service—Puts Feet to Its Faith

Duane Grace of Moose Lake, MN, writes: Good for that church. More of our churches need to put our faith into action such as this. A good community effort I am sure. More of us need to read the new book by World Vision, The Whole in Our Gospel, and become inspired to act accordingly.

Anita Jauken of Lacey, WA, writes: I was in one of the groups that took cookie trays to the fire stations and nursing homes. It was such a thrill to see their faces when we presented them with the trays. They said that no one had ever thanked them for their services before. I then returned to church to help on the Rip and Tear bandage project and it was so great to be a part of helping so many people that needed to be thanked and helped.

Ministry Redirection Risky Move for Small Town Church

Elizabeth White of Roanoke, TX, writes: As a person who grew up in the Osage City Church, I am gratified to know that the reorganized Community Covenant Church is thriving. I have some thoughts about what might be done with the lovely old building that was built by Swedish Covenant pioneers and sits on the front of the site. It has forlornly sat on the corner of Topeka and Lakin for a number of years since the Osage congregation dissolved. (The existing congregation is actually the Stotler congregation.) It has been considered too difficult to restore and use the older building. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Covenant congregations could fund and send mission groups to repair the old building? It is a real treasure, an example of the quaint little white church with a steeple that was commonly built. It is over 130 years old and was built by the members (my grandparents were charter members). What a tribute to the faith of these early pioneers who left Sweden to gather in America in groups to worship in these churches. I can envision a Swedish Heritage Center that would bring honor to those who braved many hardships to build a beautiful church with their own hands. Perhaps it would be useful to the new congregation for their additional programs and could be used in the community as a wedding chapel. The little white churches that dotted the American countryside are gradually being lost. Here is a chance to save a bit of history and encourage the new congregation.

Jennifer Hedberg of Reading, KS, writes: This is my home church. It has been for almost 27 years, my entire life. And God has blessed us more than we ever dreamed possible because we, as a congregation, stepped out into the unknown. God is so very, very faithful and good.

Living Stones Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Becky Hawley of Emily, MN, writes: Way to go, my friends! That was an awesome number of people!

Video Project Shares Veterans’ Memories of WWII

Warren Lindstrom of Bedford, NH, writes: What a great idea. As a WWII vet, I wish more churches would do this. The young need to know the stories of
our lives.

Heartsong More Than a Memory—A Ministry Legacy

LeRoy Carlson of Chicago, IL, writes: I would be interested in knowing ALL the Heartsong members. And what about the Covenant Caravan for Christ teams that went out beginning in 1960? I was on the 1961-62 team.

Lynn Black of McPherson, KS, writes: Thanks for highlighting what for many was the beginning of a lifetime of fulltime ministry. If you take a look at ALL of the people who traveled with Heartsong throughout the years, you’ll find that each team had several people eventually receive a full-time call to ministry. Performing, staying in host homes, living in intense relationship with other team members – these all proved to be fertile training ground for developing ministry skills. I am deeply thankful for my two years of travel and service with Heartsong; it gave expression for my gifts and shaped and honed them for my future as a director for Christian education and my role as a minister’s wife. (Not to mention it introduced me to my husband!) I join with the many others who thank God for the vision that enabled gifted young people to express their faith through service with Heartsong. It would be an amazing and invaluable venture for anyone, even today!

Geoff Doell
of Westlock, AB, writes: Memories . . . wow! I was the sound dude for the group in the photos (pastel green suit jacket in first photo). I am proud of each and every one of the people I served with on Heartsong, and the tremendous privilege afforded to me by the Evangelical Covenant Church people to develop my ministry technique, skills and gifts. Thanks. May God use it to further His kingdom every day he gives me breath.

David Noreen of Westminster, CO, writes: Gustav Skogens’ tribute to the ministry of Heartsong was surely appreciated by individuals and churches touched by their ministry. Rick Carlson’s dream continued a practice of giving young people the opportunity of field service, which began in the ’60s and extended to 1988. Special thanks to leaders like Aaron Markuson, Al Johnson, Chuck Anderson and Bruce Lawson who gave untiring support.

Robert and Yvonne Huse of Strathmore, AB, write: We enjoyed the Heartsong team in the first church we served in Saavonburg, Kansas, back in the 60’s. We have known several people who were on different teams. What a blessing they were to the churches.

Brian Frable
of Fort Collins, CO, writes: I love it! I toured with the last group in 1988-89. The Heartsong connection opened so many doors of ministry for me: 1) play in the CHIC band ‘88, ’94, ’97 and 2000, 2) youth ministry in Salina, Kansas, through Jon Black; 3) working with Paul Lessard on several denominational worship events; 4) teaching worship arts (music, drama and puppets) at CBC – Canada. All these things have been because of that Heartsong connection. I praise God for my good friends on Heartsong – Rick Carlson, Paul Lessard, Deb and Bob Auger, Jim Black, Jon Black, and the list goes on and on. WOW!

Special Blood Drive Celebrates ‘A Miracle’

Benjamin Ecker of Manistee, MI, writes: Praise God!

What Do You Say of Someone You Barely Knew?

Jerry Johnson of Minneapolis, MN, writes: A wonderful story. I am proud of you.

Annual Meetings to Honor Lifetimes of Vocational Ministry

Paul Hedberg of Homewood, IL, writes: What a fitting and well thought out idea. Thanks.

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

1,200 Volunteers Put Faith into Action Repairing Homes

Alison Kennedy
of Vista, CA, writes: This program is AMAZING!

Covenant Gospelaires Release CD Collection

Carol Lowe of Redding, CA, writes: I remember the Gospelaires from the days I attended Inglewood Covenant Church in Hawthorne, California. The church has given way to a freeway that took most of 117th street. Dave Boldt is the one I remember, as he did a lot with the adolescent group that I was a part of. I remember him, his wife, and their daughters. This was in the early 1950’s.

Memorial Celebration April 2 for Ross Foley

Herb Habermehl of Cortland, NY, writes: Just tonight I was reading Ross’ book, You Can Overcome Weariness, and decided to look him up. Although I was sorry to read of his passing, I was encouraged to read of his contributions to the work of the Lord. You see, I was his Sunday school teacher at the Hespeler Baptist Church in Ontario, Canada, when he was in his teens. I have not seen or talked to him since that time. Enough said.

Liturgical Dance Part of Worship Experience

Stacy Scott of Orland Park, IL, writes: It’s a beautiful, heartfelt story that I can relate to. Do you know of any upcoming praise dance workshops? If so, I would like to know. I have been blessed to be the praise dance leader for just a year now and I want to enhance the team and fill us with knowledge of dance.

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