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CHICAGO, IL (June 30, 2009) – A new and improved Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP) website made its debut today containing a number of new features, new resources and links to related content, in addition to a new overall look.

The debut coincides with Congolese Independence Day, celebrated on June 30 each year. Click here to go directly to the new website.

The main news article on the website was written by Nyenemo Sanguma, who has been working with the PCP staff this summer as an intern. Sanguma is the son of Mossai Sanguma, president of the Covenant Church of Congo, and also a 2009 graduate of North Park University where he majored in history with a minor in political science. The article explores the meaning of Independence Day and the country’s history as a Belgian colony until half a century ago.

The expanded website content includes a new blog called Sustainable Communities, written primarily by Executive Director Byron Miller.

“Visitors to the website can learn about the work of PCP, but much more as well,” notes Sally Johnson, PCP’s communications manager. “There is information about the Democratic Republic of Congo itself and the Ubangi-Mongala region, where PCP works. Two maps expand with a click (Africa and Congo), and there is also an interactive Google map of our region.”

The “Resources” section includes a variety of informational pieces, from recommended books and articles to photos housed on the popular Flickr photo website. There is also a list of organizations with which PCP partners as well as others of interest.

A section called “Get Involved” provides opportunities for people to get involved with the work of PCP, including volunteering, as well as material encouraging people to become advocates on justice issues, especially those involving the women in Congo.

Another feature area provides links to several websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn. Also included are links for online giving, signing up for periodic PCP updates, and Congo news reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

The home page contains an announcement of the Family Room that is expected to go live late this summer. This feature area is a companion website designed for children and their parents or teachers. It will offer information that responds to children’s curiosity about Africa and life in Congo, along with activities and a page of resources for families or groups.

Feedback is important, Johnson says, including thoughts about the website itself, the work of PCP, or issues of concern or importance to readers. Comments or questions may be directed by email to Paul Carlson Partnership or by telephone to 773-907-3302.

The new website architecture and design was completed in collaboration with the Department of Communication’s creative director, Steven Velez Luce, and Interactive Services Director Ben Eash.

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