June Focus: Food, Hunger, Social Networking Ministries

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CHICAGO, IL (June 3, 2009) – “The apartment building adjacent to our parking lot was a den of drugs, domestic violence, and prostitution. The police told me that it was the worst place in town.”

So writes Lawrence Hudson, pastor of First Covenant Church in Spokane, Washington, in the cover story for the June issue of The Covenant Companion.

CoverHudson tells how an unexpected partnership between his congregation and local farmers changed his perspective and revitalized the church’s neighborhood.

The article is one of several that consider food and hunger from a perspective of hope.

Also highlighted is Covenant farmer Rick Nelson of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Paxton, Illinois, who was one of five farmers in the state to be recognized for his leadership both on the farm and in his community.

The article “Eat, Pray, Share” by Dena Luchsinger of Mat-Su Covenant Church in Wasilla, Alaska, invites readers to approach food thoughtfully in a hungry world. “Gratitude and feasting are only part of a biblical perspective on food,” she writes. “God’s word also calls us to loving consideration, sharing, and restraint.”

Two articles also examine how online social networking can enable ministry.

“What’s On Your Mind?” is the question Facebook users are invited to answer when they log on to their home pages. It’s also the title of Lenora Rand’s article about how she uses her friends’ answers to that question to help her pray for them.

Tom Ehrich writes about evangelizing online. “Before ambitious institution builders took over with sword and legalism,” he writes, “we were, in effect, a ‘viral marketing’ phenomenon of one person telling another. That’s what we still are.”

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