Sunday School Teacher ‘Retires’ After 50 Years

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PAXTON, IL (June 1, 2009) – Elaine Gustafson may not have taught Sunday school to everyone at the Evangelical Covenant Church of Paxton, but she’s been a teacher to a vast majority.

On Sunday, May 24, Gustafson taught her final class after serving in some kind of educational role for more than 50 years. This year’s class included Teachera group of adults that also comprise the majority of the pastor’s Monday morning Bible study. In the past, however, she served as a Sunday school teacher to all ages of children, starting her work in the fall of 1956, according to church records.

Back then, Elaine Johnson was single, but she and Norman Gustafson were wed on December 28, 1957. They parented three children while Elaine was serving many years as a teacher in the Paxton school district. Norman died in 1985.

Elaine continues to serve on the diaconate with her son, Roger, and is a key contributor during the church’s Christmas season Lucia Fest, among other things.

“Growing up in my home church, I had a woman that eventually taught children’s Sunday school for decades, and her legacy is in the hundreds she drew to Jesus through her love for kids and passion for the gospel,” says Pastor Craig Pinley.

“Elaine is like that. She is well prepared, she knows her Bible, and she has been a tireless servant, doing visitation, helping with large projects and making herself available to help on countless occasions. Moreover, she is a life-long learner, and that quality is admirable.”

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