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CHICAGO, IL (April 17, 2009) – Last year, the North Pacific Conference began what Superintendent Mark Novak hopes will be a 10-year partnership with Scammon Bay Covenant Church.

In 2008, six people traveled to the village of roughly 500 people, where they worked on the parsonage. The volunteers rebuilt the bathroom, installed windows, built a new porch and tore out the old carpets.

On June 1, the conference will send up another team to continue the work, says Novak. They will lay new carpeting, replace the cabinets and install a new stove and furnace.

The team members will pay the $ 2,000 for transportation, room and board. But there will be no luxury hotel, Novak emphasizes. The workers will sleep on the floor.

So far, the conference has raised $3,500 of the $8,000 it will need to pay for materials and to transport them. “We have received very good response from our churches,” Novak says.

He expects even more support after the conference Annual Meeting, which will be held April 23-25 at Eastridge Covenant Church in Clackamas, Oregon. The conference will screen a DVD featuring the projects in Scammon Bay. A copy of the DVD also has been sent to each church.

Scammon Bay is a Yupik Eskimo community located on the south bank of the Kun River. Main businesses consist of commercial fishing along with seasonal construction and handicraft work. The Evangelical Covenant Church of Scammon Bay was founded in 1975.

Like the Midwest Conference in Mountain Village, the the conference plans to build a shed for snowmachine repairs.

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