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CHICAGO, IL (April 17, 2009) – The Midwest Conference (MWC) of the Evangelical Covenant Church is partnering with Mountain Village Covenant Church.

“I’m really excited about this partnership,” says Superintendent Kenneth P. Carlson. As a first project, they plan to build a 20-by-20-foot garage-type structure intended for both church and community use.

HouseThe people of Mountain Village greatly need a building like this, Carlson says, especially in the wintertime. For example, it will be used for repairs and maintenance of snowmachines, vital for the villagers’ transportation.

The MWC needs to raise $38,000 – approximately $400 per church – to launch the project. “We have the manpower, but not the funds yet,” says Carlson. However, the churches are committed to this project and he expects to get the money needed.

Carl Elwood, the pastor of Mountain Village, hopes the shed will make life in the village more convenient and aid him in responding to both the physical and spiritual needs of the population.

The project means a lot to the children of the community. “The kids look forward to folks coming back,” Elwood says.

“I know the work that has been done has helped people to see the church in a more positive light,” Elwood says. He hopes the project will impact the volunteers more than it does the people of Mountain Village.

Elwood and his wife, Marcia, used to be members of Brookwood Covenant Church in Topeka, Kansas. Because of that connection, Brookwood decided to raise money for “Carl’s Diner.”

The Elwoods live on the second floor of the blue-framed building (accompanying photo) where the congregation meets on the first floor. Many children come to their home after school to watch videos, play games, talk and enjoy peanut butter and jelly crackers with a cold glass of milk.

In January, Brookwood tried the same concept following their Sunday services – they offered peanut butter and jelly crackers and collected donations. The goal was to cover the $950 it costs to fly in a month’s worth of peanut butter, jelly and powdered milk. They raised $2,300.

Carl will speak during the conference Annual Meeting to be held April 24-25 in Mason City, Iowa.

The remote Bush village was founded as a summer fishing camp, but the opening of a general store in 1908 allowed people to stay year-round. A Covenant missionary school was built the same year.

In 1923 a Post Office opened, followed by a salmon saltery in 1956 and a cannery in 1964. All three are today out of business.

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