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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (April 13, 2009) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Alaska Students Give to Help Congo Orphans

Sue Setter of Rockford, IL, writes: Way to go Alaskan Christian College! Thanks for sharing the love of Jesus!

New Executive Director at Great Lakes Covenant Village

Janice Quakenbush of Grand Rapids, MI, writes: I was surprised to see that this article states that Covenant Village has a Medicaid-approved nursing facility. My dad lives at Covenant Village and my mom is living in a facility close by, which is Medicaid-approved because Covenant Village has no Medicaid-approved skilled nursing. We would much rather she be on the same campus as my dad, but as retired missionaries they cannot afford such care unless it is paid for by the government.

Editor’s note: The information provided in the press release incorrectly included Medicaid in the approved services – that error was corrected in the online news story.

Saturday Funeral Service for Shirley Willett

Dwight Bailey of Oak Park, IL, writes: Dear Willett family, we are sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you as you go through this time of great sorrow. May you be reminded that the power of God that resurrected Christ will also empower you. (Dwight Bailey is pastor of Austin Boulevard Christian Church in Oak Park.)

Oregon Church to Host Rebroadcast of ‘God Debate’

Brenda Velasco of La Mirada, CA, writes: It’s great to hear that Valley Covenant Church is rebroadcasting the debate. Hope you draw thousands of people, too.

Minnesota Camp Helps Swedish Youth Attend CHIC

Toni Schwabe of Wyoming, MN, writes: Way to go Bluewater campers and persons! Your heart for outreach has been contagious.

Alfred Moore of Drayton, ND, writes: Fantastic!

Historic Nebraska Church Enters Digital Age

Merlin Anderson of Shawnee, KS, writes: My dad, Rev. Ernest Anderson, was born in Wahoo, Nebraska, and grew up in the Swedeburg church. Dad was a Covenant minister and served in the Midwest Conference. It was interesting to hear they are online.

Bob Stromberg – ‘Love Doing What I’m Made to Do’

Mark Mosher of Liverpool, NY, writes: Thank you for sharing Bob’s story and for the video link (tremendous) and the opportunity to hear Jim again, interviewing Bob in what seems to be an informal discussion. It takes great work and talented blessings to be able to make Bob’s performances seem joyful, fun and easy. Thank God for Bob’s willingness to “stay with it.” Great stuff!

Robert and Yvonne Huse of Strathmore, AB, write: Thanks, Jim for your interview with Bob. I liked it when he spoke about asking his dad, Bob Sr., what he thought of Bob’s proposal to go into this type of entertainment. Bob, having known your mom and dad back in Pennsylvania, your dad’s response did not surprise me one bit. I remember you telling us one time when you were at Fire-Up in Marquette, Michigan, that you said that your dad had the gift to do the same thing if he could just get over his shyness.

Alaska Christian College Not Harmed by Volcanic Eruption

Gretchen DeNeui of Chicago, IL, writes: What about the villages where there are Evangelical Covenant churches? Are there any that were close?

Editor’s note: Rodney Sawyer, field director for the Alaska Region, reports: “I do not think any of the dust settled too much in our church locations. We had a small amount of dust at our house a couple of weeks ago, however.”

David Husby Selected to Lead Covenant World Relief

David Mark of Miami, FL, writes: This is an absolutely brilliant appointment! David Husby has just the right combination of strong moral character, compassionate heart and disciplined mind to lead the Covenant in its service to those who suffer in our world. We will pray for wisdom, stamina and joy for David and for Ronna as he takes on this task.

Howard Burgoyne of Cromwell, CT, writes: I am delighted to hear of David Husby’s appointment as director of Covenant World Relief. I have known David for over 20 years and have great regard for his integrity, energy, faith, and vision. I believe God will continue to expand the influence and service of Covenant World Relief in the years ahead under David’s direction and leadership.

Blanche Rosin of Turlock, CA, writes: Congratulations! I think you are the perfect choice for this job. Covenant World Relief is one of my favorites. God will bless you as he has in the past. I will pray for Ronna and you as you will be separated for a time. I know, Ronna, you will do all that God expects of you with the great heart you have for him.

Aspiring Artist Hopes The Fray Will Attract Attention

Karen Hinz of Elkhorn, WI, writes: Thanks for this story! Lots of Covenant musicians are working hard to be “discovered” for the talents God gave them. Fifteen-year-old singer/songwriter Allie Swanson from Faith Covenant in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is among them.

Racism, Prejudice Not Part of God’s Kingdom Design

Thomas Robinson of Renton, WA, writes: This is an FYI that the Evangelical Covenant Church may be small in number relative to other denominations in the U.S. but BIG in our intentionality and purpose. I praise God for our efforts – the “honest conversations” were a great first step in our walk toward becoming a kingdom culture.

Conference to Focus on How We ‘Do’ Church

Lori Hoye of Union City, CA, writes: Does “doing church” include standing up against injustice? In the City of Oakland, a black pastor has been jailed for ministering on the sidewalk and exercising his First Amendment, Free Speech rights in front of an abortion clinic. Will this conference address this issue?

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Soccer: Opportunity for Mission, Not Just Recruiting

Erica Kiawu of Bensalem, PA, writes: This is a good thing that she is doing for the country, but you shouldn’t forget that we are also here to help if you need players to talk to them.

Hilmar (CA) 100th Celebration Continues

Mark Tennant of Hilmar, CA, writes: Praise be to God. My wife and I have lived in Hilmar for almost a year. We serve the Lord in prison and care ministries. I’m a pastor ordained with the Reformed Church of America and was looking for others with a passion for those behind bars.

Services Set for Retired Pastor Willard Berggren

Barbara Brown of Minneapolis, MN, writes: I was out in cyberspace looking for information about Mount Washington Covenant Church in Jonesville. I found this article about my sweet, precious father. He always lived life the way he preached. I am going to show this to mom. Thank you for keeping this article here for us to read regarding a beloved and funny man who we miss very much.

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