Church ‘Walking to Kenya’ as Lent Observance

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INDIAN ORCHARD, MA (March 26, 2009) – Members of Orchard Covenant Church have walked nearly halfway to Kenya this Lent.

Borrowing from North Park Theological Seminary’s “Walk to Jerusalem” program, the church is combining an emphasis on health with mission, says Pastor Nancy Ebner. The school first did the project in 2007 and is doing so as part of Lent this year. North Park Covenant Church also is doing the “Walk to Jerusalem.”

The congregation has begun to develop relationships with the Kenya Covenant Church because Orchard Covenant has attendees from the African nation. They came from a different part of the country than where the Covenant denomination is located, however.

Pete and Cindy Ekstrand, regional coordinators for Africa for the Department of World Mission, will meet with the church on April 17 to discuss how the ties with Kenya can be developed. Ebner says she hopes the church will have walked the entire 6,400-mile journey to Kenya by the time the Ekstrands speak to the congregation.

“If not, we’ll keep going – don’t want to end up in the ocean!” Ebner says.

The walk complements the church’s Lenten theme of “Sacred Companions.” The Walk to Kenya is “a way to emphasize health and also to be ‘walking companions’ together – us and Jesus – here and around the world,” Ebner says.

Each week’s bulletin includes a tear-off sheet for people to record their miles or “units.” One unit equals a mile or 15 minutes of some sort of exercise. Ebner says the program is great for the entire church because everyone can participate. East Coast Conference Superintendent Howard Burgoyne also is taking part.

Church member Emily Hayden puts footprints on the wall of the church community hall for each 100 miles or units.

The Kenya Covenant Church celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. To read a Covenant News Service story about the event, click here.

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