Special Dinner Opens Door for Outreach to Men

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LANYON, IA (March 12, 2009) – Some church events may see their numbers decline due to inclement weather, but the men of Lanyon Covenant Church didn’t need to worry about the cold and rain keeping their brethren from the congregation’s first “Wild Game and Fish Dinner.”

DinnerRoughly 50 men – including 35 who don’t attend the church – joined in the dinner, participated in theme-related activities, and listened to a speaker Saturday night.

Pastor Marc Murchison had sent out invitations that encouraged the men to “Bring what you caught or shot to share with your fellow hunters and fishermen.” He added that being an accomplished outdoorsman was not required for attendance.

Dinner ultimately included a variety of venison dishes, venison Bratwurst, wild pig from Texas, numerous pheasant dishes, rabbit and duck. Fish dishes included smoked salmon, perch caught from under the ice at Spirit Lake, pickled northern pike and herring.

Mark Pound from Stillwater, Oklahoma, spoke on the theme “What it means to be a man in the 21st Century.” Participants also had the opportunity to test their skills and shoot for medals at an indoor BB and pellet gun range set up by the church.

Shooting rangeThe church also awarded door prizes that ranged from several dollars to a donated $150 deer carrier. The men were invited to bring photographs and trophies to share.

The event was held at the local fire station in an effort to help unchurched men feel more at ease, Murchison says.

“It’s pretty tough to get guys to come to a meeting,” Murchison says, “but food and a worthy project can draw them.”

The men of the church and of south Webster County are planning a kids fishing clinic and tournament at Dom Williams Lake June 6. Although they want to especially reach out to families who have limited access to positive male role models, all children are welcome.

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