A Memorial Tribute to Lincoln H. Smith

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WESTMINSTER, CO (January 22, 2009) – Following is a memorial tribute to retired Evangelical Covenant Church Pastor Lincoln H. Smith, who died Tuesday evening, January 20.

Lincoln Hans Smith was born on May 13, 1925, in Cleburne, Kansas. He married Jane Ann Whitaker in Greeley, Colorado, on June 7, 1947. They were blessed with three children: Wesley, Stanley, and Jennifer. There are 19 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Lincoln Smith died following a battle with cancer on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. His parents were Edward and Esther Smith with siblings Edna (deceased at five days old), Marvin, (deceased), Linnea (deceased) and Clifford. His family was one where God was worshiped and prayer was a way of life. Music and singing had a regular part in the family’s worship experience. Lincoln gave his heart to Jesus at the age of 11 following the healing of his mother from a serious illness. During his youth he felt the call to Christian ministry.

Smith TwoDue to difficulties during the Great Depression, the family moved from Cleburne to Greeley, Colorado, where they attended the Evangelical Covenant Church. Lincoln graduated from high school and immediately was drafted into the U.S. Army to serve during World War II. He spent some of his time serving as an Army chaplain. Lincoln prayed specifically that he would never be required to shoot another human with a gun and he was granted his request. In addition, his life was dramatically spared due to the continuous and faithful prayer of his mother.

When Lincoln returned from the Army, he met Jane Ann Whitaker whose family attended the Greeley Evangelical Free Church. She became the love of his life and fulfilled his prayer for a wife who “could play the piano and sing.” Lincoln married Jane Ann, whose beauty, musical talent and heart for God captivated him and was the source of much joy and encouragement for all of the 60 years that they shared together.

In the fall of 1946, Lincoln and Jane began studies in Greeley at C.S.C.E. They married the following June. Lincoln then continued his education at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago in the fall of 1948. Lincoln was in seminary while Jane worked at Northern Electric. In 1949, Lincoln and Jane moved to Lance Creek, Wyoming, where he served the customary one-year internship. They served a second year and then returned to Chicago. Following graduation in 1953, Lincoln served seven other churches: First Covenant Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming; the Evangelical Covenant Church in Antioch, California; Neighborhood Covenant Church in Rosemead, California; the Evangelical Covenant Church in Aberdeen, Washington; First Covenant Church in Spokane, Washington; Calvary Covenant Church in Erie, Pennsylvania, and Marquette Covenant Church in Marquette, Kansas. Including his internship, he served as a pastor for 40 years.

Lincoln was a man deeply committed to prayer.  His family knew him to be up early each morning and on his knees, day after day, year after year, committing both them and the many he loved and served to the Lord. Lincoln was a noble, honest, righteous man who humbly lived for the Lord in public and in private.

Daily Bible reading and family devotions were primary in Lincoln’s life. He was a student of the Scriptures and loved to search out truth. He was known to faithfully visit the sick and elderly, often reading or studying the Bible with them and always praying for them. Lincoln sang in the choirs that were usually directed by Jane. He and Jane would also frequently sing duets while she accompanied on the piano. This remarkable pair blessed many who had the opportunity to hear their music that always glorified God.

He was also a hard-working man who used his hands to build and improve the church facilities when such things were needed. He spent many hours at the Rosemead and Aberdeen churches personally doing the necessary work required to remodel those facilities. When he and Jane were able to purchase their own homes in Aberdeen, Spokane, and Erie, he remodeled and added rooms himself. In his thriftiness, he spent many hours doing necessary home and car repairs without outside help. He also cultivated wonderful vegetable gardens in Erie and Spokane.

The Smiths retired from their ministry in the fall of 1991 and returned to Spokane to be near their daughter’s family. Due to Jane Ann’s increasing physical limitations, they moved to Covenant Village of Colorado in early 1998. They became members of the Arvada Covenant Church. At Covenant Village, Lincoln established a men’s prayer group that has continued for 11 years. He only recently resigned his position as the leader due to his declining health. Jane Ann went to be with the Lord on August 16, 2007. Now they are together with the Lord, faithful and victorious!

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