Multicultural Arts Event Connects Church and Community

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By Matt Enquist

HOUSTON, TX (January 15, 2009) – Access Covenant Church’s first two-day arts event appropriately named “Vox Populi” or “Voice of the People” celebrated the work of local artists and musicians while also raising money for a local charity.

“Vox Populi was designed for combining the voices of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to speak up for those who don’t have a voice in our community,” says Ted Law, pastor of the new Houston church plant.

Arts showA portion of the money raised from sales of art and music went to Search, a local Houston nonprofit. The organization provides job training and placement services for the homeless.

Law estimates that Vox Populi, held December 6-7, drew 60 to 70 people each day.

Day one featured a collaborative work of art done by four local painters (accompanying photo) who combined to produce a work entitled “Hope.” The diverse artists included an African American, an Iraqi refuge, a Korean immigrant, and a Latino artist. Click here to see additional photos.

“People were able to watch it unfold and witness the artists collaborate for a couple of hours,” says Law. “It was really pretty cool for everyone involved.”

The church focused on multicultural art as a way of reaching the community because Access is located in an area of great racial and socioeconomic diversity. “For us, we have a lot of immigrants and people from different cultures blending and living in close proximity,” observes Law. “Diversity for us means helping them come together to form relationships and help them collaborate in creative ways.”

The church hopes to host six Vox Populi events during 2009 and then go monthly in 2010. “It’s really meant to be more of a regular feature in Houston life, and we’re pretty excited about it,” says Law.

For more information about upcoming events, visit Vox Populi’s website or email Law.

(Editor’s note: Matt Enquist is a North Park University student completing an internship with the Department of Communication.)

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