Health Clinic He Helped Found Helped Save His Life

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DETROIT, MI (November 26, 2008) – When Bob Hoey, pastor of Messiah Covenant Church, helped start the nonprofit Covenant Community Care (CCC) clinic in 2003, he had no idea it would play a role in saving his life.

After returning from vacation during which he had suffered chest pains, Hoey visited the clinic, which is down the street from the church. That visit led to him to having quintuple heart by-pass surgery August 10.

Hoey, 58, says he is now in better shape than during most of his adult life. On Thursday, he will be one of 10,000 participants in the city’s Turkey Trot, to be held preceding the Thanksgiving Day Parade. “I’m grateful,” says Hoey. “I know that things didn’t have to work out this way. I appreciate everybody who has been praying for me. My congregation was in better shape when I returned than when I left, for which I’m also very grateful.”

Hoey will collaborate with Mary Chase-Ziolek at this year’s Covenant Midwinter Pastors Conference to teach a workshop on the biblical foundation for the church’s ministries of health, healing and wholeness. Chase-Ziolek is professor of health ministries at North Park Theological Seminary.

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