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By Don Meyer

CHICAGO, IL (September 22, 2008) – Hardly a week goes by that we do not receive a few comments from readers on stories published as part of the Covenant online news report.

We will share from time to time some of those responses generated through the “comments” link attached to each published story. This kind of feedback is very helpful to our Covenant News Service staff as we seek to identify and publish stories of great interest to a broad spectrum of online readers of this report.

Following are comments relating to recently published stories, edited in some cases for length. To read a particular story of interest, click on the headline.

Readers Share Their Thoughts

John Lamprecht of Robbinsdale, MN, writes: Several readers wrote that they felt this article – Covenant Connections with McCain’s VP Nominee – was inappropriate, that it provided some sort of endorsement. Far from it. The article merely shared Gov. Palin’s connections to the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). There were neither endorsements made nor any political positions shared. Yet, the responders felt it necessary to share their political views. I’m sure that if any of the other candidates, regardless of party affiliation, somehow interact with the ECC, that Covenant Newswire will share that information with us. Keep up the good work!

Anna Marie Peterson of Coppell, TX, writes: Regarding the Covenant Connections story, a reader from Roanoke, TX, wrote: “I do hope the Newswire will not flood us with political pro-Republican candidates. I certainly hope you will look for both sides of the question. I certainly feel that there are more important reasons to vote for candidates than their Covenant or Evangelical connections, neither of which by themselves automatically makes you a suitable candidate. In this world of ours, being ‘Evangelical’ will not be enough to deal with the big issues out there. Being mayor of Wasilla won’t do it for me, nor will being governor of Alaska for one year.” As a very active person in the process since the primaries – a delegate, convention participant, and active campaigner – it saddens me to witness the division and tactics being used for the sake of “winning” a political race. Every day I experience the results of that division and negativity. One small example is the theft of my campaign yard sign, which occurs throughout my “suburban” neighborhood, located in the “Bible belt.” I support unity, bearing this in mind: “. . . God sees not that which man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” (1 Sam 16:7)

Joan Wallgren of Winnetka, IL, writes: I was amazed by the comments in reaction to the feature on Sarah Palin’s Covenant connection. I went back and reread the article and could see no way that it could be interpreted as an endorsement on the part of the denomination for her candidacy. It was a story of interest to the Covenant because of her Covenant connections in Alaska. Newswire did similar stories when the new Miss America was a woman with Covenant connections and when other people of national interest have Covenant connections. I’m sure if any of the three other presidential/vice presidential candidates had Covenant connections, we would be reading about them in Newswire articles as well. Of course the people interviewed for the article were enthusiastic about her candidacy – they are her friends and are excited for her. Please, let’s not politicize everything. Whether you are Republican or Democratic, agree with her policies or not, isn’t it still interesting that she has a connection to our denomination? I am glad that it was brought to our attention. Thanks, Newswire.

Harvey Drake of Seattle, WA, writes: I was confused by a couple of the responses to the Palin article. Based on those responses I assumed the article encouraged us to vote for Palin. That is not what the article did. It was simply informational. I guess we still have the problem of assuming the worst about each other. Please stop it.

Why Do People Change, Abandon Their Faith?

George Brown of Roseville, MN, writes: The Jews cannot accept Jesus as savior until they (by the power of the Holy Spirit) recognize him as the Messiah – this I might add must happen to all people. I have asked many questions and I am anything but emergent. The emergent movement cannot handle the truth much like the purpose-driven and seeker-sensitive movements. I would go so far as to say they all just want their ears tickled (II Timothy 4:3). Not having a place to address questions is a pretty weak reason to abandon one’s faith. The written word of God will give the answers to everything. John 6:26-71 sums it up, especially John 6:37: “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and the one who comes to me I will certainly not cast out.”

Funeral Services Pending for John Bergman

Leonard and Carol Shott of Roseville, CA, write: Pastor John Bergman was a very important man in our lives. He preached and taught the truth about Jesus Christ. We knew him at Foothill Covenant Church. We loved him (and Nina) very much. But he has gone to his glory. We are the richer for his ministry among us.

Eighty Years at the Keyboard and Still Going Strong

Jim Simmons of St. Petersburg, FL, writes: Very interesting story. I too used to play for church. I am trying to find out how to get service on a Hammond organ. Can anyone provide a name and contact information for someone I could call?

Older Stories

Occasionally we receive comments about stories published some time ago. Most often, readers come across them while topically perusing search engines or when visiting the online Covenant News Archive maintained by Covenant News Service. We appreciate reader comments at any time about any story that has appeared as part of our online Covenant news report.

Old Hymns Get Makeover; Sunday Debut in Omaha

Gale Meier of Boring, OR, writes: We attend Powell Valley Covenant in Gresham. I want to do an evening service of old hymns, but I would like to find out why the hymn writer composed the song. Sometimes it is a story of inspiration that I would like to share. I’m looking for information on that – can anyone help?

Judy Howard Peterson Named Campus Pastor

Jennifer Fosseen of Champlin, MN, writes: I met Judy Peterson at the Covenant Pines Bible Camp at McGregor, Minnesota, the weekend of September 12-14. I thought she did an awesome job with the morning and evening services. Her preaching has touched my heart big time and has inspired me to make a difference in my life. I just want to say thank you.

No One Wants to Break This Man’s Guinness Record

Mary Pierce of Hilmar, CA, writes: I just met him today where I work and he has a wonderful sense of humor. He’s also 99 now. WOW!

Cornerstone Festival Draws 16,000 Campers

Tejay Barth of Princeton, IL, writes: I liked it.

Aviation Ministry Marks 40 Years of Service

Roger Lubiens of Folsom, CA, writes: Our team from Bayside Covenant Church finished a missions trip to Soldotna working at Alaska Christian College and Solid Rock Camp. For 2009, we need some ideas on some mission projects. Got any?

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