Beaver Treks 500 Miles to Deliver Food to Church

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HOUSTON, TX (September 18, 2008) – Bryan Beaver was in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas, when Hurricane Ike passed through and wreaked havoc 500 miles away in Houston, where he is pastor of Faith Community Covenant Church.

He has since become something of a long-haul trucker of groceries. Earlier this week, he folded down the back seats of his Chevrolet Tahoe, packed it with coolers full of ice, bread, and milk, and drove 500 miles to deliver the goods to members of his congregation.

On Tuesday, he drove back to Lubbock, where a church he formerly pastored is loaning him a large covered trailer. He is loading the trailer with more large coolers filled with goods he will again deliver to members of his congregation. Beaver says a Lubbock television station is scheduled to broadcast a story to encourage the community to donate goods.

The biggest request among members of his congregation is for milk, Beaver says. Because electricity and gas still have not been restored to at least 80 percent of the city’s residents, charcoal also is popular so that people can cook outside.

Congregation members and Beaver are texting one another to arrange for the food pickup. Although a few grocery stores have begun to open, most still do not carry ice, water, or milk, he says. Gasoline also is impossible to obtain. “As far as 100 miles outside of Houston, all the gas stations say they don’t have any gas.”

Despite the hardships, “People seem to be in pretty good spirits, but it’s disorienting,” Beaver says. He adds neighbors with power often are hosting at least one or two other families.

Trying to stay cool also is increasingly a challenge in the city known for hits high temperatures and equally stifling humidity. “Everyone has their windows and doors open so they can get a breeze.”

The church will hold services outside on Sunday. “We’ll do it unplugged,” Beaver says. “We’ll do whatever we have to.”

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